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Dr. Chris Simpson: “If I had an irregular heartbeat”

Dr. Chris Simpson discusses wait times with CBC Ontario Morning’s Wei Chen (2012)

Dr. Chris Simpson discusses the role of the ICD in the prevention of Sudden Death.

Dr. Chris Simpson discusses the SE LHIN Clinical Services Roadmap (Cardiac).

iPolitics Broadcast on Wait Times with Dr. Chris Simpson, Ben Eisen and Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry

Dr. Simpson discusses the 2012 Wait Time Alliance Report Card with Dale Goldhawk.

Dr. Chris Simpson and Dr. Carlos Morillo debate the efficacy of mandatory reporting drivers with medical illnesses.

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  1. Reading in September 7th MacLean regarding “The Missing Heart of This Campaign” (p.11). you were quoted as saying “The federal government is dangerously close to being non-players in health care in Canada”. You were described as like the kid whose has a new pair of shoes for the prom but doesn’t get an invitation, because health care, specifically for seniors, is not being talked about in this campaign. We are small group of Green Party candidates in Edmonton, Alberta who are extending an invitation. We would be delighted to host a debate, forum, speaking tour – whatever could help to bring attention to this incredibly important issue. Also, I personally would appreciate any material I can use in my own contact with the constituents of my riding – Edmonton Riverbend. Thank you for your work.

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