CMA at the Supreme Court

CS LHF JB at supreme court

Together with CMA Past-President Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti and CMA Director of Ethics Dr. Jeff Blackmer on the steps of the Supreme Court on Oct 15, 2014. The Supreme Court was hearing the Carter Case, and the CMA made an oral presentation as a friend of the Court. Last year, CMA conducted (in partnership with Maclean’s) a series of town halls across the country on end-of-life care. We focused on (1) the need for more Canadians and their doctors to discuss advance directives; (2) the need for more access to good quality palliative care in Canada; and (3) the issue of physician-assisted suicide. By taking the time to listen, we gained humility, wisdom and credibility. Whether or not to allow physician-assisted suicide is a decision for society – not doctors – to make. But after the dust settles, we will be there, as we have always been, for our patients and their families. We will support our members as they provide care and comfort to their patients.

Click here to read my public statement.

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