iPolitics Webcast – Access to Care – Reducing Wait Times

From St. John’s to Tofino, Canadians all share a similar fate when going to see their health care specialist – longer waits than any would like. Since the 2004 Health Accord, new guidelines were established to create greater access to care and a reduction in wait times for key medical services, but where do we stand almost ten years later? Let’s hear from the practitioners and policy-makers on what still needs to be done.

On June 20th at 12:30 p.m., iPolitics convened the 19th in our series of webcast panel discussions on public policy challenges. This week our topic was Access to care: Reducing patient wait times. Panelists included:

  • Dr. Chris Simpson, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Cardiology at Queen’s University, and Chair of the Wait Time Alliance (WTA).
  • Ben Eisen, Assistant Research Director and Senior Policy Analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.
  • Dr. Hedy Fry, Federal Liberal Health Critic and BC Federal Liberal Caucus Chair.

Go to:


to see the video.

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