An Adult Conversation on Medically Assisted Dying – Sept 26, 2014

On Sept 26, I will be joining a panel at the Zoomerplex in Toronto to discuss medical aid in dying. Other panelists include Hon. Steven Fletcher (Conservative MP from Manitoba), Andre Picard (Globe and Mail), Veronique Hivon (PQ MNA from Quebec), Karima Velji (President, CNA), Dr. James Downar (palliative care doctor and ethicist), Catherine Frazee (Professor, Disability Studies, Ryerson University), and Dr. Moira McQueen (Executive Director, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and Moral Theologian, St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology, U or T). Click right here for more details. The event is open to the public.

It’s time to talk about wait times again

Wait times for medical care are still way too long in Canada. Here is a CBC story about Emergency Department wait times. The ED tends to be the “canary in the coal mine”….. when the system is inefficient, it tends to manifest itself in the ED.

CIHI has launched a new website called Your Health SystemHere, you can look up key health system performance indicators by province, by region, or by hospital.

All Canadians should push for more health system performance data to be in the public domain. You can’t fix what you don’t measure.

We need a national dementia strategy. Why don’t we have one?

Click right here to see my op-ed in the Toronto Star calling for a National Dementia Strategy.

In addition, here is a video link to a fantastic discussion on dementia on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. The panelists discuss the coming “silver tsunami” and the tremendous impact of dementia on patients, families, the health care system and the economy.

The CMA is pushing very hard for a national seniors strategy which includes a plan to tackle dementia. I am delighted to see the discussion is catching fire!

Watch the episode right here.